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A burning image, demonstrating the effects of bad management

I was a terrible engineering lead my first time, let me help you not make the same mistakes.

You have a choice, you can either learn from those mistakes or just watch the team burn. As tempting as it is to be ignorant and just keep doing what you do best (frequently taking a dump on your team members). Good leaders reflect, investigate and adapt.

If you can’t be bothered to read all of this, check out the video


I was just 2 years into my dev career and all was going swimmingly. I’d successfully delivered several projects for clients…

Photo by <a href=”">Cookie the Pom</a> on <a href=”">Unsplash</a>
Photo by <a href=”">Cookie the Pom</a> on <a href=”">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

I’ve recently had the pleasure of integrating a system with a 3rd party. They had a legacy system and required large XML requests to talk to their infrastructure. I’m not a huge fan of XML but ran into an issue when trying to send un-escaped text to their API.

TLDR I used the cdata tag on the request struct. (feel free to skip to the solution header)

A small caveat to this article. I’m assuming you are using the XML module in Golang and are familiar with using the marshaller function to convert the request to bytes. …

Laravel to Go Series

Switching from a predominant background in PHP to Golang has been an insightful journey, and if you are like me who hasn’t come from a strictly typed language background it can be a little daunting at first. Of course, once we were in PHP 7/8 territory we could have strict return types etc, but it isn’t quite the same, but it was good preparation to switch. I was asking myself how I move a Laravel Application to a Go project?

My Laravel to Golang series will cover Laravel concepts and patterns that can be achieved using Go. Please remember that…

If you have a private repository for Go modules, this is how to configure VS Code with GOPROXY env variables.

Credit: Ryan Putra

Updated: 14th May 2021 with GUI option in VS Code

A pretext to this article, I’m not going to talk about how to set up a proxy for your Go Modules. If that’s what you are after please go here.

Not all code you write will be Open Source meaning we need private packages. When using Go Modules, Go will look for the URL location, if this cannot be found you may be familiar with this error

Error loading workspace: err: exit status 1: stderr: go: module lookup disabled by GOPROXY=off : packages.Load error

This means Go wants to… home page

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find that craft beer you wanted without having to search multiple online stores?

You spend the next hour scouring Google and searching for Craft Beer… and it’s out of stock everywhere? That’s precious drinking time lost!

Me and three other beer lovers had this problem over and over again. We would find a beer we really enjoyed, but then struggled to find it again in stock.

Luckily we are all Software Engineers and set out to make this tool available to everyone.

So without giving away all the details on producing this tool…

Photo by Tadas Sar on Unsplash

If you would have told me I’d be writing an article about how to fix download speed in WSL2 while developing in Windows I would have laughed! The thought of me turning to Windows for my dev environment was just never going to happen.

I had my trusty Macbook Pro for developing at work and my Ubuntu installation on my home PC. Developing on Windows is for noobs… Oh, how I was wrong.

Anyway moving on from that, moving to WSL2 on my Windows machine has been a surprisingly great experience. From the great integration with Visual Studio Code and…

I’m going to cover my approach to answering a question on Stack Overflow. If you are unfamiliar with Stack or don’t know how to validate a question, please see my previous post.

I’m going to focus on a question I answered previously as an example for this post. It was very replicable and it was something I hadn’t tried before. This article assumes you are familiar with AWS S3 and localstack as this is required to replicate this questions environment

The Question

I am working on an API that can handle requests as though it is the S3 API, and should therefore…

When I started out my journey as a junior developer I was looking all over the place trying to learn new skills that could help me with my career. From reading lots of documentation, crawling github and making endless “to-do” apps to learn different languages. The reality was one of the best places to learn was staring me in the face every day. It was Stack Overflow and that was a great place for a new developer to learn new skills.

What is Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow is the place 99.99999% (made up stat) of developers end up when Googling Coding questions. (Other search…

Chris Townsend

I'm a Software Engineer, Mentor, Leader and Procrastinator. I've been developing for over 7 years and been a techie since I could hold a mouse

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